The Distinctive Properties Show - Episode 30

I heard a renowned business coach say that building rapport was NOT something any of us should be doing!  He actually said that it was an OLD sales model. The first thing that hit me was..  How sad!  The second was…  sales model.  I mean, somehow being a good person and caring for others and building rapport with them is a sales model?  This is a guy that doesn't love what he does. He only loves the $. That is a meteorite that burns bright and then crashes!!!  

Our careers are filled with blessing.  Things to be thankful for.   We get to make our schedule!  We get to help people in a life changing event!  We get to meet new people!  We develop incredible, trusting relationships with more people in a year than most will in 10!  We make a great deal of $!  We get to pursue a life that allows us to do something we love, and have an amazing life as a result of being great SALES professionals.

I know that some of you are saying..  I’m not a salesperson.  I don’t even like sales.  I don’t like pushy salespeople always prospecting, ABC.  Etc.  .  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.  Well, let me help you put that into perspective.  If you take the 5 or 10 business people closest to you you are likely to see:  cars, bartender, attorney, banking, retail owner, loan officer, ……..  Each of them is in sales!  How?  The car guy can make $ servicing cars unless he sells a product worth buying.  The bartender makes most of their money in tips.  In order to get to the tips, he must first deliver/sell a product.  The attorney…  don’t get me started.  They “eat what they kill” sort of speak, meaning they must sell their services before ever seeing a $.  The banker can’t lend $ to those that will pay it back, with interest, without selling a product worth using.  The retail owner has to package her product in a way that gets you in the door and then needs to be keen on what you want or need to make the sale.  The loan officer needs to identify the best product for you or your client and then deliver an experience.  All is sales.  

In every part of your life, you sell!  I don’t care if it is with your kids..  Selling them on taking the trash out.  Finding a mate…  I had to sell hard!  Every part of your life has sales in it.  Each of these things you sell every day are part of an amazing life.  You have to remember to love it!

The HOW may vary slightly, but in the end, everyone prospects.  Everyone uses a script.  Everyone is an expert in the product that they are delivering. 

We are blessed to be in an industry that allows us to build friendship, lasting relationships, with the clients we serve and have massive impacts on their lives!  I love it.

Some of my best friends are the clients I serve!  I love it.  I am building relationships with men and women that are respected and admired in their industries!  I love it.  I am surrounded by men and women who are great Husbands,Fathers, Wives, Mothers, and business people!  I love it.  I am exposed to experiences that I would never have been exposed to without them.  I love it!  This is sales!  This is real estate!  Each of the men and women in our lives are clients, will be clients, and will likely send me referrals, if they haven’t already.  That’s not why I do it…  It’s why I LOVE WHAT I DO!  Do you?
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