The Distinctive Properties Show - Episode 26

The Grass is Greenest Where You Water It . . .

I talk to a great number of agents about a variety of topics, and one thing seems to be present in each of those conversations.   Whether I am talking about a CRM, a book, or even a company, everyone seems to be worried that they are missing out on something…. OVER THERE.  It’s the Grass is Green Syndrome.  Unfortunately, GIGS can be deadly.  

There are countless people out in our market today that don’t even use a CRM.  Why?  Because they are so worried that they are choosing the wrong program, that they can’t commit.  There are countless people out there that fail to get the max out of a good book, because they have moved on mentally to the next silver bullet book that is out.  There are those that miss out on the AWESOMENESS of the partner they have, because they worry that they are settling or there is something more.  And, yes, there are people that will make a change of scenery…  companies, because they want so badly to believe the promises of utopia.  

Best CRM:  Most asked question of 2016… drum rolllllll, what’s the best CRM.  Wait for it…….  The one you use!!!!  Here is the reality, a good CRM is one that can hold your contacts, group them, allow you to keep notes, schedule future tasks, and has Set It and Forget It capabilities such as eNewsletters and Auto Alert property searches.  Beyond that, it is diminishing returns.  The key is to use one!  

Best Book:  The second most asked question of 2016….   What is the best book you have read this year? OMG.  I have consumed more than 30 books so far this year.  EVERY one of them has been amazing.  I have gleaned something, mindset, what not to do, a sliver of wisdom, etc.  But there is a trick.  Secret Sauce that you must have.  You need to focus on and love on the message.  Not think about the next book.  There are lessons of skill, mindset, and wisdom in everything we read.  You need only be in the proper focus to receive it.  Don’t miss out.

How to get AWESOMENESS out of their relationship: Simple.  Most of us approach our relationships, whether it is with a partner, friend, or even Agents and Companies, with the mindset of…. What can they do for me?  What is that they have that can make my life better?  It is a recipe for disaster!  If you want true AWESOMENESS in all your relationships, start with the right question…...  What can I do to add value to the relationship?  How can I make the other’s life, business, relationships, somehow better than when I arrived into their lives?  Once you make this a reality in your life, relationships, and your business, the revelation of how AWESOME the people are that are in your life will be nothing short of AWESOMENESS.  That I promise you!  

Best Company to work for:  As a coach and a business owner, I have exposed to plenty of conversation about different companies.  And, while not all companies are created equal, I am struck by the fact that agents considering a scenery change consistently fall into one of two groups:

Agents that don’t do the work, and think that the scenery will change their behaviors, OR
Agents that are experiencing success as a result of their firm and their own hard work and are being recruited, rightfully so, by companies that didn’t take notice before.

Here is the reality…  If you fall into the first group, scenery is not the answer.  No scenery ever inspired me to change my behavior.  My behavior has however inspired me to see my scenery for what it really is.  The only change needed is align behaviors with their goals, they will succeed. And succeed at a very high level.  
If you fall under the second scenario… you should consider the possibility that your firm, the people in it, the tools and systems are part of the reason for your success.  And if you dug deep, you could leverage all to create 3 times the success with the same people that got you here.  Too many times, we fall prey to the flattery that comes with being “wanted”.  Look, of course your wanted.  You are a good person, doing a great service, producing a good business.  Anyone would be crazy to not want you working for them.  That’s why you are working for the people you are currently working for.

Time and time again, I see agents depart for a new part of the beach, only to find that their view was better before.  Water your grass, water your relationships, water your business, it will be the greenest in the world! 
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