The Distinctive Properties Show - Episode 45

Value of the Brand:  Leverage the Brand so that you can do what only you can do!  

Culture of the brand is: professionalism, successful. Agents have chosen Coldwell Banker for more that 110 years - we are industry leaders, innovators, educational and trusted.

If you wonder what the impact of this is, just go look at the surveys that show agent below ambulance chaser on the trust meter. That is not us. That is not Coldwell Banker. 

Tools and systems of the brand - Tech platform, websites, CRM, XpressDocs, Zillow and Trulia, Smart Home certifications, Smart Home staging, custom templates, Global Luxury - All of these are tools and systems that you don't have to find, investigate, set up, figure out if works, update, etc. They are tools and systems your brand has implemented and done all of the work, and you can use and leverage. 

Skill building and coaching:  Coldwell Banker University, Launch & Boost certifications, reduced CE class cost and additional credits, Gen Blue, coaching, Tom Ferry Summit!

Differentiation and marketing:

1. CB Agents sell properties for 10% more than the NAR average.
2. We are the only brand, not even NAR, that has a SmartHome certification.  Talk about it, teach on it, discuss the advantages, differentiate yourself. 
3. CB agents make a living.
4. Use the custom ad templates in cbExchange (beautiful, creative, relevant). 
5. CBX.
6. Home campaign.
7. CBGL is the dominant  company in luxury.

Bottom line - it is no accident that Coldwell Banker agents average sales are 10% than the NAR national average. It's because Brand matters! And by leveraging this brand, agents produce more. Are you leveraging this brand?

Here is my challenge to you - watch this video again. Write down some of the ideas, and pick 3 that are top priority. Commit to executing in a specific time, and get yourself engaged in the brand!  I promise you, you'll be glad you did!

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