Frequently Asked Questions

Do I earn a salary in real estate?  
Agents are Independent Contractors, or Entrepreneurs - so you wouldn't receive a traditional salary - you get paid commissions on completed transactions.

Are there any insurance benefits in real estate? 
None are currently provided by CBDP/CBCPP.

What are my hours? 
That's the beauty of it – you’re your own boss!  You get to set your own hours for doing business.  Our offices are open 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday to provide support.

I don’t know anything about Real Estate, what do I do?  
That's where our support team, seasoned agents and training come in and help out.

How many people actually succeed in real estate?  
The ones that succeed have a desire and commitment to the business while using the tools and training we provide to make them successful!

How do I pay my taxes? 
We provide a 1099 at the end of each year for you - it's wise to put a little bit aside from every commission to cover your self-employment taxes.  You are responsible for paying your taxes on what you earn.

When can I start selling? 
Once you have passed your exams and activated your license with our company you can hit the ground running.

Are there monthly fees? 
Yes, there are monthly fees and annual dues. Contact us for details. 

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