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Is it time that you take control of your career?  As a new agent, Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties is uniquely positioned to give you the best possible start to your new career with unbeatable marketing, a full-bodied mentoring and training program, lead generating and distributing systems, as well as countless additional tools and programs to ensure you can become successful. A few of those tools and programs include:

1. Innovative Technology Platform

2. Individual & Customizable Agent Websites

3. Training & Continuing Education

4. Marketing Support

5. Charity of the Month

6. National Brand

7. CBX

If you’re an experienced agent, chances are you know the feeling of struggle and confusion on which direction is the right one.  We help you achieve the success you intended when you entered into this industry.

There are a number of real estate firms to investigate and consider when you’re starting your real estate career or considering a change in your current situation. Whether or not those firms fit with you and your culture is extremely important. Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties has a culture of consumer-centric, agent-supportive, education-based values.

As leadership, Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties takes responsibility of your readiness and preparedness, ensuring you are outfitted with the knowledge to successfully carry out any real estate transaction. Via our training and education programs, continuing education classes, Coldwell Banker University platform, various statewide to international conferences like GenBlue, etc., you’re equipped with all of the tools, resources, support and continuing training you need to be successful. 

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