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Roofing Matters

Posted: July 02, 2019 by Ed Mueck

How Much do you Really Know About Your Roof?

Starting from the Inside-Out

Insulation and ventilation are both key to having a firmly supported roof and a warmer or cooler house, depending on the season. Proper ventilation keeps the shingles intact longer because the flow of air keeps the roof cooler. Insulation saves you money because it keeps the heat in and ventilates the cool air so your house can stay cool during the heat of the summer with a lower cost in air conditioning.


What Lies Underneath

Did you know that shingles are not waterproof? They actually absorb water. Tar paper is usually laid underneath to provide a waterproof coating. This is not truly effective either, however, because tar paper over time soaks up moisture and can damage your roof. The best option is to use synthetic felt. Not only is it 100% waterproof but it often lays smoother on the roof, thus creating a better surface to attach shingles to.


Checking it Out

Inspecting the roof is critical to keeping your current house intact or when in the market for a new house. Ask a licensed contractor to inspect the roof in either case, as they can identify any potential hazards that could cost you money down the road. If not checked for simple cracks or molding leaves regularly, these can lead to rotting and even bigger issues like holes. 


Know Your Roof

 A contractor can be hired to check your roof and do all of the work for you, but to better yourself it is good to have knowledge about your roof and what it is made out of. What kind of shingles does your roof have, for example? Most roofs have a builder’s grade 3-tab type of shingle that has a lifespan of about 15-25 years. Then, there are the architectural or laminated shingles which are rated to last as long as 30-50 years. Unfortunately, some homeowners have Atlas Chalet, which can be defective and crack, and can fully age up to 25 years before it should! With all the different kinds of shingles out there, there are as many approaches to their maintenance.  

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